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When your mind is starving, how can you write anything? Find out these reasons to make yourself a word-loving gourmet

You Want To Be A Nifty Writer, Right? Be the Most Passionate Reader First!
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“As for me, reading is my devoted supporter, transporting me to spaces I haven’t been, ushering me into primeval and millennial friendships, and refining my writing skills to become the most effective author of all time…”— Josh Balerite Acol

In a sense, reading is an assimilation of diverse blended emotions…


Here are valuable reasons why a simple, sincere thank you is enough!

Hey! Do You Want To Know The Easiest, Cheapest, Most Effective Way To Be Happy?
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“I know you are having a difficult time, and in deep pain. Alas! Can you lose yourself and relax? Learn to be mindful, and grateful for the positive side of everything that you are in now — you’ll realize, there are a lot more reasons to be happy.”


Here are ways to avoid it without feeling at fault

why is too much kindness not healthy but soon destroys yourself?
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“I have understood the tough way that being too kind results in self-deprivation, desperation, and bitterness. Being myself led me to be with people who love me for what I am and inspires me to discover myself and keep on thriving.” — Josh Balerite Acol

Being kind to others is…


Simple links to my humble list of featured stories on poetry, health, self-love, personal development, and writing tips

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Being a writer on Medium since September 2020 has been an excellent venture for me. I got to hone my writing skills gradually while juggling between a daytime job and being a penner at night time.

I do promise myself, to level up my writing prowess this year and for…


Suit — 2nd day prompt for #Inktober2021

Self Sketch by the Author

Hazardous material suit worn against harmful
Agents, all the way for anti-bacteria, gases, coronaviruses
Zombie walks, talks, wearer goes back and forth, no choice
Made up of gloves, goggles, boots, respirator, too
A, B, C, D levels — degree of security one needs to choose
To all who badly needs PPE — doctors, medics, med…


Do please come back now, our ‘beautiful moon’ we miss you so much

Image by Bolanu Teslaru Andrei from Pixabay

We have our first pet feline
just three months ago
I frankly tell you
am not fond of caring
for one though
my daughter just pleaded
we’ll adopt one out of the blue

I am entirely unaware
am slowly endearingly
attached with her
every minute
she is with us
what with her funny…


Crystal — first day prompt for #Inktober2021

Be Special, Be Like A Snow Crystal
Image designed and created by the Author

if snow crystals are lyrics in a poem,
I’d send them to you as softly as it falls
wafting, hovering, unhurriedly filling

rummaging through pine tree leaves
exceptionally radiant, untamed thus far
perfectly rare from each other as thee

dazedly comforting thyself in the stillness
of the night, serenely whispers…

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