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Josh Balerite Acol


Here are valuable reasons why a simple, sincere thank you is enough!

Hey! Do You Want To Know The Easiest, Cheapest, Most Effective Way To Be Happy?
Hey! Do You Want To Know The Easiest, Cheapest, Most Effective Way To Be Happy?

“I know you are having a difficult time, and in deep pain. Alas! Can you lose yourself and relax? Learn to be mindful, and grateful for the positive side of everything that you are in now — you’ll realize, there are a lot more reasons to be happy.” Josh Balerite Acol

Gratitude is considered the sole most compelling emotion in life to affect happiness in any human being.

Think about this, how do you feel when you say those plain words sincerely, thank you or thanks to you to someone, to anything or anyone?

Your sulking mood instantly changes, doesn't…


Here are the optimum reasons why you must do so

“To become a good person, you have to do good deeds; but to be the BEST you can ever be to anyone, especially to your loved ones, you have to take care of yourself first and foremost in the best possible way.” — Josh Balerite Acol

Caring for yourself means handling oneself with the adequate amount of love, kindness, and respect as any human being is privileged to have.

When you adopt self-care, you allow yourself to be who you are with recognition, responsiveness, and compassion.

Though imperfect we are as a person, each of us deserves to be treated…


Here are approaches to curb it before it completely dominates you

Do you know what’s lurking behind your anger?
Do you know what’s lurking behind your anger?

“So, you think you can hurt me with your anger? I think its the other way around. I tell you, all my life, I have known that defying someone to be in command over my emotions is a sign of emotional intelligence.” — Josh Balerite Acol

Anger is a healthy human emotion that can be experienced by anyone.

It is just normal to be angry especially when you are in disheartening and infuriating situations.

However, it is in how the way it is expressed, that it can be destructive or constructive.

Most of the time, it is perceived as a…


Here are ways to avoid it without feeling at fault

why is too much kindness not healthy but soon destroys yourself?
why is too much kindness not healthy but soon destroys yourself?

“I have understood the tough way that being too kind results in self-deprivation, desperation, and bitterness. Being myself led me to be with people who love me for what I am and inspires me to discover myself and keep on thriving.” — Josh Balerite Acol

Being kind to others is the greatest virtue and wealth you can have in this world.

Nevertheless, too much kindness can hurt you more than you’ll ever realize.

You may not know it, but you are slowly destroying yourself especially your identity as a person.

You see, there is nothing immoral with kindness, but when…


Simple links to my humble list of featured stories on poetry, health, personal development, and writing tips

Index of my Medium featured stories
Index of my Medium featured stories


Being a writer on Medium since September 2020 has been an excellent venture for me. I got to hone my writing skills gradually while juggling between a daytime job and being a penner at night time.

I do promise myself, to level up my writing prowess this year and for the days to come. I haven’t yet realized fully the value of being consistent in writing when I got to see and collect this brief list of mine. This is very inspiring.

More so, I just discovered here my love of writing poetry being a literary performing artist during my…


Day 7 poetry prompt

pain comes with living
pain comes with living

For once
single day
I can feel
the most

of my life
makes me

— wounding
til I can
no more

when I

I smile
through it
appreciate life
treasure my
loved ones

that’s when
I can sense
no longer

only love
making me
cherish more
merely courage
keeping myself
than before

to face
a million
more hurts
it’s a normal
thing with life

looking back
I do realize
those ills
made me
grow into


Day 6 poetry prompt

I choose freedom to be on my own
I choose freedom to be on my own

O how I wish I could have
truest freedom one day
liberty to do my own thing will you dream with me?

I sincerely pray I could do it
through my own chosen time
any moment of the day any time of the week

I do hope, vow, and seek
to the God of muses above
hear my earnest plea from deep within my heart

yes, the real love of penning
for its only then I could give you
my rawest self—the spunk, pith, of my soul’s quest

“I firmly believe that the proper time to do my own thing…


Day 5 poetry prompt

Emotions are complicated
Emotions are complicated

I am in the disarray
of complicated negative emotions
fear, anger, guilt, worry, pain —

I know they are so hard to accept
they are disgusting, stressing
easily shuns others to be blamed

if for some, they are so shameful
others seem to resist, block them all
I discovered a way to dispel and be cool

being brave enough to enter them fully
let yourself embrace, welcome, modulate
grasp to identify, feel them wholly

you will found yourself easily adapting
you will be proud you’ll see yourself healing
you’ll soon cherish, understand others’ feelings

so be the master of your…


Day 4 poetry prompt

Life is not a fairy tale, it’s a fairy tail
Life is not a fairy tale, it’s a fairy tail

seems merely a day ago
life is just about elves
and fairies, and mermaids

looks like quite last night or so
time is still over dragons
and princes and princesses

shows as if a wink or two
destiny is reading around Alice,
Cinderella, Beauty, and Beast

feels only a second back then forth
my soul is keeping a thought next to
wishing I would be with you

Lo and behold! it’s not really
‘life is not a fairy tale’’
it’s a ‘fairy tail’ come true

for I can be in sync with you,
whiff and sip the scent of my…


What’s in my name, my good-humored temper just for you

who am I?
who am I?

Joshing for joy with you
Out of the blue as I’m fond of
Spilling, squeezing — STRINGS OF SMILES,
High-spirited laughter, here, there, everywhere

Being dreamy still, aspiring to be the best
AUTHOR I can be —favor please, be with me
Loving each minute hence, in
Every edge and ends of Medium, wherefore
Revealed my real virtual fam, thus far,
Illumination, invoking inspiration
Tremendous thankfulness to ‘Doc Chief DMY
Entire each and every one of you, as well

Accommodating me is more than enough
Certainly, I commit, I’ll be with you,
Otherwise online or offline, humbly yours —
Lingering, light-hearted, loveful, LITTERATEUR

Josh Balerite Acol

Artist | Poet | Writer | Soulful Encourager | Frontliner | Proud sole Mom of 4 gifted kiddos | Lover of anything that inspires!

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