Josh Balerite Acol

Jan 10, 2019

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Combat An Illness? See Right Here — Josh Balerite Acol

Have you tried to combat an unexpected illness, amidst an untimely situation? You’d better read this.

I was then studying for my boards on my chosen Medical Technology course. As I have decided to stay in a dorm while taking review classes, I had an unforgettable experience I would never ever forget.

I am engrossing myself in my last week of review classes, and our boards are just a week away. To my dismay, I suddenly got ill! I was having a high fever ?! My body aches all over, particularly on my back. I am feeling cold and my head is damned so heavy. I asked myself, am I having the dreaded flu?

So desperate in getting well, and having no other means then, like, getting out and buying meds, or going home! I feel frantic and hopeless of recuperating quickly.

Furthermore, my budget is so tight, I could not definitely go home, I was telling myself. I could not let my parents know I am backing off, because I don’t want to frustrate them and my kins.

I remembered reading a book about self-hypnosis and the powers of the mind.

At that moment, covering my whole body with layers of thick blankets, was my instant and last option.

While I was lying down, I began meditating telling my body and thoughts to relax slowly and deeply.

I began breathing calmly, focusing more and going to an altered state of consciousness.

Thus, I started envisioning all the antibodies inside my rotten, sick body.

I mentally programmed my mind to communicate to them, getting them fully charged and began controlling them as if I am carrying with me a remote control, telling them all to attack any antigens they might encounter.

I began ordering them to search, attack and destroy any aliens all throughout! Slowly, and going faster, like running on a treadmill, these words echoed to me.

Believe it or not, I am slowly feeling the war inside. I am having deep breaths and my body was wiggling and shaking, responding to each attack my antibodies make, while I am commanding them, “Aim, target, shoot and destroy!”

Like a mantra, I kept on shouting this injunction inside my head. And I can sense my body reacting so well.

All my immunoglobulins were doing like attacking, destroying all toxins they can see. And I was kinda shaking, too! I don’t care what my roommate was thinking about me then.

All I am focusing on at that moment is to get rid of my illness.

After an arduous ordeal, for more than an hour or so, my inner battle is slowly subsiding.

And I am taking long, long breaths as if I have been running an entire 100 kilometer-marathon.

It is just then I realize, my clothes are wet all over and my blanket, too. My hand reaches out to my forehead, and I am wondering how it went to being light and refreshing.

Previously, I was having chills and fever. But this time, everything around me is hot, and I am perspiring.

Yes, it is gone now!

Thank you so much dear God, You helped me in healing my sickness, by empowering my mind.

You see, who knows, our mind has extra potentials, only ourselves can discover.

It is just waiting for us to control it the right way.

I know this story of mine is unfathomable. But, I believe, someone, somewhere out there, needs desperate help like what I have encountered in my life.

I hope and pray this can inspire him or her, too, a lot!

Just believe in yourself, dear Soul.

Couple it with prayers, and sprinkle with an unwavering dash of faith in God, and yes, you got it, anything is possible!

Originally published at on January 10, 2019.